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Hello, I’m Matthew and thank you for visiting this site. It is so important to find the right coach, life coach and the right person to help you, so now I will help to provide you with all the right information that you will need to make that decision – that I can help you now! 

Imagine now, being stronger, calmer, more focused, with greater motivational levels, feeling clearer about what you want to achieve, being more confident or less anxious about the future, with less stress or maybe it will be a that you’re seeking a combination of these … or with something extra. My mission is to fix your problem as soon as possible.

Asking for help is not always the easiest thing to do, however if you’ve already come this far – then that’s a great beginning and just think about how good it will feel to be free on what’s currently in the way or holding you back.
With over 10 years experience of helping people through many different issues and problems, I’m a fully qualified, insured and regulated neuro-linguistic programming Coach and a master NLP practitioner, a practitioner of EFT – the emotional freedom technique, cognitive hypnotherapist and time-line therapist. And I am delighted to be renowned for results.

Life coaching enables you to discover the life you desire by exploring your dreams, goals, desires, possibilities, your best possible future … And finding the best way to achieve this. 

If you want a passionate, enthused and motivated approach, then we should talk

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Together we can work on:

  • Personal development: helping you in any aspect of your life …
  • Aspiring to greater heights: relationships, career change/promotion …
  • Knowing yourself: understanding what you really want in life …
  • Confidence & self-esteem; being assertive, clearer objectives …
  • Positive thinking: Become more optimistic and feel luckier …
  • Importance of Balance: work, play, sleep, relaxation, exercise …
  • Defeating procrastination and increasing motivation
  • Developing and improving within a sport or pastime

Project You life coaching offers something different to the usual approaches of life coaching out there. It uses the techniques of positive psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy, tasking and modern life coaching ideas.

So whether you want personal growth, self discovery, strength, endurance, increased confidence, happiness, optimism or general life balance then life coaching and Project You can be the answer.

How it all works

The approaches and techniques used will differ from person to person as do the amount of sessions. Most clients find that between 3-5 sessions work well with this form of life coaching. It is also recommended that about 2 sessions per month is the most beneficial, each session will last one hour.

So then

Together we can help you to discover where it is that you want to go, to find that way and find the most positive and enjoyable way of achieving this. Whatever your reason whether its work, relationship problems, self esteem or whatever is holding you back … the life coaching could be the answer! 

You are probably already beginning to notice that I work fast to help solve your problem.

What do you have to lose? Your old life, your problems, old habits …

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