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NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams for helping with your golf performance

Helping With Your Overall Golf Game, Lower Your Handicap and Perform Excellently

It’s well known to all golfers that golf is a mind game – so although having the best clubs for you I essential and having golfing lessons from a good coach will improve your game. The real place and the difference needs to be in the mind.

This is where I can help, to help you to be calmer, relaxed, competent, confident, focused, in-control and be mindful, in the moment and play to your maximum ability.

Some Things I Can Help With:

  • Lower your handicap … and then maintaining and improving on that
  • Re-kindle your love of the game
  • Compete confidently and competently with anyone
  • Clear your mind with Mindfulness
  • Recover quickly and move on from a ‘bad’ shot
  • Extend your range of motion
  • Improve your technique
  • Control swing thoughts
  • Cultivate intent and flow
  • Sharpen your golf instincts

Using a combination of life coaching, NLP, positive psychology and hypnosis we can together work on any of the above and in any combination. Making your game more fluid, confident and enjoyable – when someone is those things they will be in-control of their game, be able to make better decisions and judgement, be competitive, improve aspects of your drive, green and putting game and being sharp and focused.

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Helping with Putting and on the Green – Helping with the Yips

Many keen amateurs have a problem with the putting and this can come down to a number of things, the most common are:

  • You Are Too Tense
  • You Have One Style
  • You Have No or the Wrong Routine
  • You Don’t Aim It 
  • You Practice The Wrong Putts

All of these can be helped with and whether its concentration, belief in your ability, belief in yourself or to get you to consider, think and plan your putt – the hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching can help. 

Help with Driving, Iron and Longer shots

All serious golfers know that after the tee off and with long shots – that you need to keep your head down. For a second or so. This will help keep your body aligned and in the correct position and with the proper posture. 

Some people even when they know full well what they are doing wrong and even when they have seen a golf coach will still continue to slice the ball.

If you’re having this problem the maybe I can help, hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching can correct this for you. 

I can help you to correct this problem by getting you to unconsciouly – keep your head down, and thus improve your game. 

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NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams for helping with your golf performance