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NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams helping with exam stress

Many people, and of all ages, will suffer extreme moments of stress, anxiety and often feel overwhelmed when having to sit an exam or test. Weeks before the exam, we can experience the sensation of butterflies in our stomach. Our palms get sweaty, our hearts race and we fear our memory will let us down. It can feel utterly nerve-racking.

Feeling stressed and anxious before an exam is expected, and feeling nervous is a natural emotion, it’s also needed and there should be some expectation because of want to pass or obtain a desired grade.

A certain level connected to a desire outcome can be motiving for some, but some of us will find the pressure overwhelming. When these feelings become intense, they can threaten performance. Sometimes the stress can cause a person to achieve below their true potential.

Who will experience exam stress?

Potentially anyone, exam nerves can affect anyone, at any age. It doesn’t matter how much a person has revised or how much experience they have, the chances are they will still have a feeling of panic.

There’s a great emphasis in today’s society to use exams to measure a person’s ability, this could be to obtain a certain level of employment status, a particular job, to have attended a certain university, get into a certain school or to be able to drive a car.

There can be a lot of external pressure, as well as a perceived society pressure on top of the personal pressure that someone may be putting them through. I help you to manage all of these aspects of pressure and expectation using life coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy in combination.

Helping you to stop this previous vicious circle and the negative feelings, frustrations, physical aspects, stresses and anxiety.

Imagine how good it will be to feel free of this … it can be done

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Preparing for an exam and successfully completing it is not just about how knowledgeable you are, but also your state of mind. Feeling calm, relaxed, focused and confident when studying and sitting the exam means you will be much more likely to achieve your full potential. While accessing this state of mind is a skill, it can often be learned by implementing new ways of thinking.

How hypnotherapy can help you cope with exam stress

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of addressing any exam nerves because we can look at any root cause as to where it began – knowing where a fear or anxiety started can have a massive effect in and of itself, because it will typically come down to an early experience where someone misunderstood something. The idea of using hypnotherapy or NLP would be to help the person to think, see and feel differently about a perceived problem.

From there onwards there are many ways of helping someone gain a much better attitude, be calmer, more confident and develop a powerful mind-set to know that they will remember all that they know.

With the mind, as well as the body and the brain the calmer the better. To help explain this, from the other way – someone stressed or anxious aren’t typically able to come up with the answers and solutions they are looking for.

So by being able to use your mind, to keep it and have it under control is the key. I can teach you many different visualization, breathing, concentration, relaxing and memory techniques and tools which will help you to be calmer, give you a greater access to your knowledge and memory; and feel better about tests and exams overall

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Understanding Your Learning Type and how that can help with exam stress

Whether you need help with exams, for a driving test, with spelling or reading. Hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology can help. It can help you find and develop better learning techniques, become more motivated, develop a better memory strategy and dispel any limiting beliefs that you may have about yourself. Typically it will take 2-3 sessions but often improvement will be noticed straight away by you and others.

Up to the age of around 11 we are taught in a variety of ways. We are taught visually, through auditory means, through building & touching (kinaesthetically) and through logic. After we are 11 we are taught predominantly by quick fire teaching methods in classes which are often too big with not enough personal attention paid to us. This is often when people suffer and lose interest in “learning” and some of us are left behind and this can unfortunately continue throughout our lives.

Learning coaching will help you discover new learning techniques or re-discover your preferred learning type. There are 4 learning types, although we all use them all, we usually have a preference towards one of the following –

  • Visual – need to see something, watch it done/made
  • Kinaesthetic – need to feel something, to “do” it, make or build it
  • Audio external – need to hear it said aloud, told about it
  • Audio internal – need to think about it, analyze it

Using hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology we can together work on you learning to learn more effectively and to really move on with your life

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NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams
helping with exam stress

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Helping You With Your Memory 

If you’re worried about your memory and not being able to remember what you need to know for an exam – then I can also help with this. 

I can help you to be able to remember the facts and information that you need to know by:

  • Installing a positive Mindframe 
  • Relaxing your Mind 
  • Helping you to use your Learning Type
  • Teaching Memory Techniques

Please do ask me around how I can help you with this