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Stop Cannabis

I’m often asked whether I can help people to stop smoking cannabis and the simple and true answer is YES, however some people are unsure as to whether they want to stop smoking. The truth is that in my experience of working with people who want to quit weed is that they will typically stop smoking – I’m just being honest here.

It can work that some will just stop marijuana; however it’s almost overwhelmingly the case that they will stop both. And in some rarely situations where someone asks to stop smoking but not the dope then they will also typically stop both together as well. I’d rather be up front about this.

Now you’re here because you’re thinking about giving up cannabis so briefly below are some of the benefits you will gain

You can expect to achieve:

  • Resolve any underlying issues, beliefs, or emotions relating to cannabis addiction
  • Shift your way of thinking and how you deal with anxiety or stress
  • Increase motivation and confidence to create the changes in your life without marijuana
  • Learn new skills to help you to feel relaxed and calmer in healthier ways
  • Develop your inner resources to feel stronger and more resilient.
  • Create stability during the withdrawal process
  • Break the habit and addiction cycle
  • Improve relationships and make positive life style choices
  • Stop smoking cannabis; create a clear vision and goals on how you want to live your life

Starting anything new can be daunting and starting therapy can be even more so. The good news is that even by reading this you are starting to make a positive decision and could well be on the way to becoming a happier, healthier, more successful and more confident you. And help is just a call or email away.

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If marijuana is impacting your work, life and relationships, holding you back from what you want to achieve or perhaps you have lost your confidence, motivation in your life I can help. I provide stopping cannabis hypnotherapy and life coaching programme to help you to stop smoking marijuana, break the dependency cycle, help with withdrawal symptoms and create long-lasting changes into your life.

The results being – more control, focus and confidence in your life to make positive life style choices and going towards the direction that will better for you and help to maximise your potential. And to for you to stop cannabis.

People do smoke marijuana for many different reasons. Some use it occasionally for social reasons whereas others for others it becomes a life style habit and addiction. Cannabis can become a method to help manage stress, anxiety and other emotional issues. Overtime marijuana can become ingrained in a person’s life, habits and can affect their ability to function on a daily basis. I have found that many users want to stop, however it’s the anxiety or worrying that the withdrawal symptoms will be too much to cope with. Rest assure we will work on those issues.

Using marijuana becomes a life style and habit and working with me we go straight to the core of the cannabis addiction to help you to not only to stop using marijuana but to also take action to really improve and change your life with confidence, motivation and goals.

This is a step by step approach combining hypnosis, counselling, NLP, coaching and mindfulness. Working at this level helps to address and resolve your own personal reasons for smoking marijuana, and develop your inner beliefs, resources and behavioural patterns to let go of old thoughts, habits and addictions to break the cycle of dependence on marijuana and cannabis.

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Call 07807 540142  or  Email today to stop cannabis