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NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams

Hello I’m Matthew a Life Coach, NLP master practitioner, Mind Coach and Hypnotherapist based in Reading, Berkshire

And thank you for visiting to website. It’s so important to find the right therapist and right person to help you, so now I will help to provide you with all the right information that you will need to make that decision – that I can help you now!

My approach to therapy is modern, adaptable and contemporary. I will do my best to assist you and help you make the changes which want to change. I am offering assistance in helping and guiding you to overcome a problem.

Using a combination of cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching and EFT and eye movement integration therapy; and also drawing from ideas positive psychology.

Yes, I use life coaching, NLP and hypnosis and often in combination. It’s best to try to help the past, present and future – so to think differently about the past, address the present and look and feel differently about the future. Hypnotherapy and NLP (and counselling deal with the past), Hypnosis, coaching and NLP are both great with coping techniques and addressing the present; and hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching, and particularly coaching are good the future.

I can help you to overcome many issues, conditions and problems and in many cases in a surprisingly short space of time. For example I can help you to stop smoking in just one session, also most phobias can much easier to cope with or go completely in 1 to 2 sessions.

My role and my goal is to assist you and guide you in gaining better control of your life and to have better control over your own mind so that you’re able to be the best you that you can be.

With over 9 years experience as a full time life coach, NLP and hypnotherapist; and with over 20 years within the caring and therapeutic field I’m confident that I’ve heard and helped people with most things. Maybe you could be next.

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Starting anything new can be daunting and starting therapy can be even more so. The good news is that even by reading this you are starting to make a positive decision and could well be on the way to becoming a happier, healthier, more successful and more confident you. And help is just a call or email away.

I believe that people should focus on their solutions state rather than on the problem. So I suggest that with a solution focused approach will help you to recognise, discover and develop your skills, strengths and resources, to increase your confidence and unlock your true potential.

Therapy is not a magic cure and therapy will take effort and commitment on your part, however my goal is to help you in the shortest time possible, working at the root of the problem and enabling you to have a better present and future.

It is true that once you are able to overcome an obstacle or a problem in your life that this will give you new-found confidence and potential which in turn can be used to overcome other problems and issues. This can be a pleasant surprise.

Many people will start to feel better the moment they decide to make changes in their lives – and this can be just a phone call or email away

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As an experienced therapist I will listen to you and treat you as an individual; and all sessions will be tailored towards you and your needs. You need to be listened to and understood – and this is my objective and will make sure that I understand you and help you in the most effective way and in the shortest time possible.

So please do not allow your problems to continue, get worse and overwhelm you; and although things may seem daunting now please rest assure that I have probably heard something similar before and more than likely helped someone with an issue or problem close to what you are currently experiencing.

My clients come to see me from all over Berkshire, Oxfordshire and further afield with a range of problems, conditions and intended goals including:

Weight Loss, weight control, to tackle food cravings and sugar addictions and for gastric band hypnosis

Stopping Smoking and addictions such as gambling, alcohol and drugs

Confidence and self esteem, public speaking and life coaching

Phobias of spiders, wasps, birds, heights, needles, of vomiting and being ill and the dentist or a fear of flying

Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, IBS, agoraphobia and claustrophobia

Anger management, assertiveness and overcoming jealousy and guilt

Depression, mood swings, insomnia, OCD and PTSD

Habits such as nail biting, nervous tics and blushing, sniffing, nervous coughing and stuttering

Male issues and male sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Performance nerves for sports and exams, improving abilities for golf, tennis and all sports

And with much more including Life Coaching or hypnotherapy can help with …

Most things I see people for can be treated and made easier in between 2 – 5 sessions and because everyone is unique and this will differ but changes do happen. For Stopping Smoking people will usually stop after just 1 session.

Call 07807 540142 or  Email today

NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams