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This is an important page for you to have found and please do read through carefully and wisely because below there is information that I’m confident that will help you in making that decision that I can help you. So please do read more about me and how I can help you.
Now I’m sure you’re seeking a therapist and or a coach to help you with something, whether that be an addiction, habit, phobia, help with confidence or weight loss, and possibly something else. And I’m sure you looking because you believe that life coaching may be able to provide the answer – and you may well be right.

I would always suggest looking around and researching, and I would fully suggest that you do so with any therapy you are thinking of taking. You do need to find someone you’re comfortable with. They will also need to be fully insured, regulated and trained – you must check this.

There are, and always has been, many dozens of hypnotherapists in both Berkshire and Oxfordshire, each with their way of expressing their qualities, their level of experience and length of time in practice, what skills they excel at, their approach to therapy and training and skill set.

Because there are so many hypnotherapists around it can be daunting in making that choice of who to see, however I have below set, 12 good reasons as to why I might be the right person for you to see and feel comfortable in making those changes you want to make.

1) I trained at the internationally renowned Quest Institute which is one of the foremost hypnotherapy and NLP training. Quest are extremely careful and diligent in the people they train, they also have a higher standard and pass standard to their training before it goes to the marking and awarding body the NCFE. Because of this be assured that I am highly trained.

2) I’m a member of the NCH, the National Council for Hypnotherapy which is the largest and foremost hypnotherapy organisation in the UK. The NCH are constantly growing and developing as well as pushing for hypnotherapy to be within the mainstream of treatments offered by the NHS.I’m also a member of theCNHC. 

3) I undertake regular supervision to take care of my own needs, well-being and personal mental health.

4) And also further training to advance my knowledge and understanding of hypnosis, coaching, the mind and anything which may well be useful and helpful.

5) I have been in full time practice for over 7 years now, seeing over 2 thousand individuals in that time. And I’ve probably seen someone with similar needs. I have for most of my working life worked with people directly and I enjoy working with the variety of people of whom I’ve seen.

6) Before this I have worked in the therapeutic field for over 20 years and I have worked with people from all backgrounds and walks-of life including many with addiction and substance misuse issues, emotional issues and mental health issues.

7) I have in my past been through some issues and problems so I do have a personal understanding of anxiety and low moods for example. So I do have a level of understanding and direct empathy of how many issues and problems directly affect them.

8) I’m also trained in EFT, the emotional freedom technique; and EMIT, eye movement integration therapy, so have these disciplines to call on, as and when required.

9) I will and always have worked with people as individuals so you WILL get a tailored approach directly for you. Using a combination of cognitive hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, eye movement integration, as well as ideas from life coaching and positive psychology – you will get a personal therapeutic approach.

10) So you will get that personal approach that you deserve, further to that rest assure that I will not take short-cuts. I will tell you in honesty how many sessions I believe it will take. Obviously everyone is different and therefore you will need to take this into account as well.

11) However I will also not suggest that you need to take more session than you actually need. Again because everyone is different there is no way of knowing before any therapy starts how many sessions may be needed.

12) From the above points I hope that they help you in making your decision whether you feel that I can help you, I do offer a personalized and individual approach to therapy, I have worked with almost every type of person and therefore I’ve very likely helped someone like you.

About 1/3 to half of my clients now are through recommendations of friends and through friends-of-friends, so therefore this will tell you that I have been around a while and that I helped many, many people.

An, however here is that I won’t be for everybody, however so please do look around and please do, do your research.

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As a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) I make a commitment to undergo regular professional development training, so you can be sure that I have access to the most up to date methods available. The NCH promote the highest standard of training and professional ethics amongst its members. I am also a member of CNHC – the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. 

I hold the hypnotherapy practitioner diploma (HPD) which is the first nationally accredited hypnotherapy qualification, awarded by the NCFE national awarding body. Further to this please be assured that we have full Public Liability insurance through Towergate Specialist Insurance

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Basic information on Choosing a Therapist

A good practitioner will: 

  • welcome any questions you might have and answer them fully
  • give a full explanation of all the procedures involved in the treatment and tell you how you might feel afterwards
  • tell you how much treatment will cost and give you a rough estimate of how many treatment session you may need to have
  • have had adequate training, not have trained through a correspondence course, and belong to a recognised organisation, such as the NCH
  • not guarantee recovery and will tell you if he or she cannot help you
  • have full professional indemnity insurance, such as Towergate
  • not over-charge

A bad practitioner will be some of or many of the following: 

  • be rude, arrogant or offended when you ask questions
  • promise to cure your condition (responsible practitioners, on the other hand, know that a cure cannot be guaranteed and that no medicine or therapy is 100 per cent effective)
  • promise cures for specific conditions (responsible practitioners will say no more than that the treatment they are administering is sometimes successful in cases such as yours)
  • tell you to stop seeing a doctor and/or to stop taking your medication
  • not listen to you or take a full case history – or conversely take a prying, salacious interest in your personal life
  • not take notes
  • rubbish the work of other therapists and doctors
  • make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable
  • tell you a lot of mumbo-jumbo
  • may charge far more (or far less) than other practitioners

Call 07807 540142 or  Email today to find more about me

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