Sports Performance


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Sports Performance

Sports and Sporting Performance and Confidence Enhancement – and for Reducing Anxiety, as well Improvement and Mastery

I have a good level of expertise in hypnosis for sports performance and enhancement for sportsmen and women from amateur level to elite. I’ve worked with Championship level footballers, Rugby league, league 1 level players, high level athletics within the Great Britain gymnastic team, England Investec hockey league level players; as well as individuals who are within the second tier of both professional darts and snooker level. 

So what? Some might say, not exactly at the highest level are you! – but I would state back – And, what’s your point? 

The truth is that I’m working my way up the ladder as well, and gaining experience which could help you as I rise up and gain experience myself. 

My role and goal is  to assist all my clients the best way I can by helping them overcome challenges or obstacles they currently face in their lives. So within the sport and otherwise because it’s all connected to you. So whatever helps, helps. If that helps! 

Some Things I Can Help With Are:

  • Reducing Pre-Game Anxiety
  • Building Assertiveness
  • Confidence building
  • Overcoming exam and test nerves
  • Improved sports performance
  • Self-esteem building
  • Relaxation enhancement
  • Develop mental toughness
  • Increase motivation
  • Deal with loss of form
  • Reduce pre-match nerves
  • Remove fears & phobias
  • Remove unwanted & un-resourceful habits

Hypnotherapy and NLP has been proven to help sport stars with a wide range of health problems and behavioural challenges. Whether you want to improve your sporting performance, feel more confident or overcome a fear or phobia, then I hope this website provides you will all the resources you are looking for.

It has come to light recently that many top performers in sport, the arts, business and within the academic community understand the role that life coaching, NLP, EMIT, positive psychology and hypnotherapy can play in assisting individuals reach the peak of their performance.

Peak performance in sport, performance arts, pastimes and in education can no longer be left to chance. All dedicated professionals and amateurs of all levels, can be helped with the combination of hypnotherapy, life coaching and neuro-linguistic programming which can then assist those individuals in finding the inner resources they need to perform at their peak.

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Tennis, racket sports, darts, snooker

Hypnosis can help players gain more confidence and assist with improving your all-round game. Top professional are able to get ’into the zone’ where they are completed relaxed and in tune with their games. Visualisation techniques are used as well as progressive relaxation techniques which will assist you in bringing out the best in your tennis.

Football, Rugby, Hockey and team sports

Many professional clubs and some semi-professional teams have employed the services of a life coach and hypnotherapist to help improve performances and to help teams restore self-belief, improve confidence, enhance team spirit and to help overcome loss of form, stumbling blocks to success and to compliment the work that he management team have conducted during the season with the players. Hypnosis does not look to replace the physical work of the training ground but it looks to compliment it and work in harmony.


More than any position on the football field, goalkeepers can be subject to the most intense scrutiny when their performances are below par and this can led to goalkeepers becoming anxious and more prone to making game changing errors. And with a combination of some coaching, NLP and hypnosis we can together help you to release and/or control any anxiety; and introduce new levels of confidence and self-belief and the ability to concentrate and be calm in those all-important moments.


The Pakistan Cricket team used hypnosis to assist them deal with the weight of expectation from their countrymen before the T20 World Cup in 2009. The team turned to a hypnotherapist to help them deal with the pressure and challenges they were due to face in the tournament. Hypnosis was used to enhance confidence, improve concentration and increase each individual’s ability to perform at their peak for the entire tournament.

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Call 07807 540142 or  Email today for help with sports performance

NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams