Fear and Phobia of Food


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Cibophobia – The Fear and Phobia of Food

A phobia of food or Cibophobia the condition where someone will have a very limited diet sometimes a dozen or so things, and sometimes less. Not only is this extremely restrictive but also clearly not healthy and potentially dangerous maybe life threatening. Now people with this phobia towards foods do get by and there body does somehow manage to survive however there are other implications to this such as eating with others, going to new places and holidays – it can also be embarrassing to refuse what someone has pre-paired for you.

Hypnotherapy can help with this by finding the root cause of the condition and the looking at that differently, very often the root cause will an event when the person was very young connected the trying a new food at a time when they were ill either because of that food or maybe they were ill at the time. Sometimes a food may have been forced on to a person. Whatever the reason a message would then have been recorded with the mind and something like “it’s best to avoid new things”.

This original cause has then been remembered and reinforced within the unconscious mind to the extent that the body reacts in a fight or flight response causing negative thoughts, sensations, panic, fear, recoil and other body/brain/mind reactions. When addressed at the root I can help you using hypnotherapy to re-program this so that you can think and feel differently from then onwards about the prospect of trying a new food or diet.

After this it will come down to a certain amount of bravery on your part, I would also suggest that you will need to start small and build up. I certainly wouldn’t expect you to go to the most exotic restaurant in your area and order the hottest or outrageous thing on the menu. However you will need to be brave and somewhat sensible maybe trying small amounts of simpler foods first and then building up the amounts and types and flavours of foods.

Also be aware that it sometimes takes many tries of certain foods until you really and fully appreciate certain foods. And there will be some foods you genuinely will not like at all. However also try to look at this as an adventure because not only will new foods open up to you – new experiences will be there, with new cultures and maybe even going to new places for holidays.

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Cibophobia, phobia of food and Neophobia

There can sometimes be a link with Cibophobia and Neophobia (sometimes Neophobia is referred to as simply the fear of new foods). Neophobia is also called the fear of new information and there can be a link between the phobic response of new foods and new information – however both of these can be helped with hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching. 

Food neophobia in humans has been described as the fear of eating new or unfamiliar foods. It differs from avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder. Food neophobia is particularly common in toddlers and young children. It is often related to an individual’s level of sensation-seeking, meaning a person’s willingness to try new things and take risks.

Not only do people with high food neophobia resist trying new food, they also rate new foods that they do try as lower than neophilics. Picky eating has been a cause of concern for many parents of young children. This results in leaving parents feeling frustrated, and risk compounding parental anxieties. Parents tend to worry about the growth and lack of nutrient in their child. Pediatricians and family physicians are always there to teach parents and care givers different ways to feed their children effectively.

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