Stop Nail Biting


The habit of biting your nails goes by the medical name of onychophagia

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Nail Biting

Hypnotherapy and Stopping Biting your Nails

Nail biting is one of the most frequent nervous habits that I see people for, it is estimated that around 30% of all children, and 15% of adults bite their nails to some extent – with it actually affecting more males and females. It is a habit that most often begins in the formative years of childhood, often peaking in the person’s teens and then gradually declining for some as they move into full adulthood.

For some it could be that they after nail biting that they don’t physically like the look of their nails afterward. For others it could be that they think that others think negatively about the fact that they are biting their nails, believing that others may think that it implies nervousness.

It becomes a real problem when it causes a person bites down the nails, fingers and skin to where it can cause bleeding and in some cases infections and even scarring. When taken to an extreme, the chronic nail biter may even develop abscesses, and the nail biting behaviour can also cause damage to the teeth and gums.

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Although nail biting may be a learned habit, many children may have copied an adult that they saw biting their nails and then the habit stuck with them. The truth is that at some level it is considered to be an ‘impulse control disorder’ – or something that can signify an underlying anxiety. (Other impulse control disorders include hair pulling and scab or skin picking).

Most people who bite their nails have already tried to stop, often many times and only to find that sooner or later their fingers and nails find their way to the mouth and the biting continues. Many people have tried the ‘paint’ which tastes bitter and some people just put up with the taste.

Habits are controlled by the subconscious mind and although someone might really feel that they are putting effort into stopping – they are trying to use will-power, and it doesn’t work.

I will help you to use the power of your subconscious mind to stop this habit without you needing to put much if any effort into stopping. Using your unconscious/subconscious mind I will help you to address any root cause and any undo any triggers – and to be able to stop easily and effortlessly.

You will then be able to grow your nails and be free from the old habit, the thoughts of what others think and to be free from any pain and discomfort. From my years of experience in helping to treat nail biting, I have found that most people bite out of sheer habit, and not necessarily because of any deep-seated underlying anxiety or emotional distress – though the behaviour can increase when the person is feeling stressed.

We will look into any underlying reasons and providing the nail biting is not a cover for any underlying psychological difficulty or unresolved emotional problem, it is a relatively simple matter to break the habit pattern.

Using hypnotherapy, you can learn how to stop biting your nails and allow your nails to grow out to a respectable length that you will be proud of.

Imagine being able to look at your fully grown nails now

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