Redundancy Fears and Stress


Help and coaching with helping with work, stress, anxiety around the threat of or actual redundancy and based in Reading, Berkshire and Henley, Pangbourne, Caversham, Sonning, Whitley, Tilehurst, Burghfield, Calcot, Newbury, Wokingham, Twyford, Windsor, Slough and Maidenhead for helping with work related stress, worry and anxiety


Maybe you’ve have worked your entire life in the same career, maybe with the same company … but now things are changing all around you

The rumours are spreading through work like wildfire that redundancy and early retirement options will be coming in the near future

Or maybe you’ve experienced this before, or know someone who’s recently been through it

Suddenly you are facing some relationship, family, money and health issues that you had never considered before.

Maybe you’re the employer in the middle of a redundancy period and you are seeking help for your people to cope …

Whereas the situation is always going to different and unique for the individuals and their employers, the point remains; each of us is affected in some way.

Life coaching can help the individual and will be carried out in a tailored and personalized manner, maybe to be a able to change your view on your new future.

Imagine for example that you could see yourself viewing new horizons, taking on fresh challenges, doing what you truly always wanted to.

Or maybe even continuing in your chosen profession, it could or you could make it work, to work for yourself perhaps

Redundancy and life coaching for individuals or employers helps to train individuals and teams to become more effective managers. Coaching helps employers develop cohesive employee relationships, enhance employee communication and practice effective group and social skills.

Training also provides ways to cope with the effects that this transitional period will have on the remaining employees.

Coaching provides employers with the tools to:

  • Make clear and precise decisions that will benefit the future of the company.
  • Help employers focus on making the transition period as positive of an experience that it can for all employees.
  • Help employers deal with the hard decisions they have had to make and the effects that is has had on friends and family.
  • They will learn techniques to take the emotional involvement out of decision making.
  • They will learn how to re-establish teams to work to new goals

Life coaching through redundancy helps the person  to deal with the personal and financial effects of early retirement and forced lay-offs.

Coaching provides employees with the tools to:

  • Consider new career options and directions.
  • Transfer experience and skills to other career paths.
  • Make a fresh start through education and skill assessment.

Redundancy coaching will help both individuals and employers to set and achieve new goals.  In doing so, they will begin to view change as an opportunity for self-improvement and future growth potential.  There is an old saying that goes something like “when life gives you lemons – make lemonade.”

Losing a job is a difficult situation for everyone involved – however, it is a well-known fact that sometimes when one door closes another one opens up.

If you do not take a chance and walk through it, how will you know what is inside?  A redundancy life coach literally helps guide you through the doorway.

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