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Hypnotherapy and ADHD or attention deficit hyperactive disorder, ADD

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (previously ADD) is now becoming an increasingly common diagnosis given to children. These children are diagnosed as being unable to concentrate, focus, being disruptive and problematic to teachers, peers and others.

Hypnotherapy can help in many ways with ADHD, for example in being able to get the person to use attributes, skills, strengths and abilities that they possess to use in situations to enable them to gain a fairer level or advantage. Another is by being able to control any frustration, anxiety or anger towards situations and people and this can be achieved quite easily. With using hypnotherapy and the unconscious mind we can achieve levels of concentration, focus and control which will have effects, often straight away.

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In truth this diagnosis may simply come down to that traditional schooling and the manner in which lessons are taught do not suit everyone. Often I here from individuals often young adults (or teenagers) who describe themselves as being ADHD, that all they wanted to do was work, build things and get physically stuck into activities. Also they felt bored and let down by schooling, the manner of teaching and many teachers.

At around age 11 we are expected to look and listen, remember and repeat what we have been told, and although this does suit many; it does not and is not the best way of learning for a lot of people. Then children that don’t or aren’t able to conform to the classroom teaching methods are often labelled ADHD.

For some unknown reason as children with ADHD get older going through the teenage years and becoming young adults – their symptoms decrease and often disappear. As far no one has been able to explain why! This is clearly a mystery! 

Hypnotherapy is a much safer and holistic alternative to certain current treatments and results can be achieved quickly and the changes can be dramatic. Hypnotherapy does not have any side effects, instead hypnotherapy can help people gain more control over moods, concentration, focus, alertness and the ability to become a part of the situation within classes and schooling.

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NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams

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