Sugar Addiction


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Sugar Addiction


Eating too much sugary food, chocolate, fast foods, carbohydrates, junk food and certain other foods are bad for you. You know this to be true, it’s obvious!

People often attribute eating the foods they know to be wrong (when eaten in excess) to emotional reasons which include feeling bored, miserable, depressed, lonely or happy. None of these emotions/feeling have anything at all to do with physical hunger (again this is obvious). 

Your unconscious mind determines the overwhelming vast majority of your behaviours, habits, reactions and emotions, and it within the unconscious mind which hypnotherapy will be able to re program your behaviours, reactions and install new and better habits.

Your imagination is extremely powerful, even more powerful than will-power, hypnotherapy can help you to discover and develop your ability to utilise this powerful tool. There is likely to be a root cause to your food addiction and hypnotherapy is highly effective at finding this and when this found people often experience a profound change in the habits and lifestyles.

There is some truth that with our modern lifestyles we seem so rushed and spend so much time rushing about which seems to give us so little time to ‘look’ after ourselves properly. However with computers, on-line shopping, being able to work from home, conference calls, ETC is it really true that we have less time?

To make things harder many of us eat emotionally, crave certain foods and the food is so closely linked to our feelings that we often eat to change the way we feel. This can and does cause confusion and maybe it should because it doesn’t make sense to do what we ultimately know will cause us distress, thinking that it will make us feel better if we do it. Of course we do often do this unconsciously but these unconscious thoughts, patterns, habits, emotions and feeling can be changed using NLP, positive psychology and hypnotherapy. 

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Chocolate Addiction

Chocolate craving is very common, but can we really be addicted to it? Can these powerful urges to eat truly be classed as an addiction?

Yes, we generally crave foods or substances due to psychological reasons, our current emotional state and by external prompts, rather than by any actual hunger. The causes for the individual are individual however general causes often sited include boredom, stress, feeling low or depressed, anxiety and self-loathing. It can feel like we are self-medicating.

Chocolate is the most frequently craved food in both sexes many describing themselves as ‘chocoholics.’ Chocoholics insist that it is habit-forming, that it produces an instant feeling of well-being, and even that abstinence leads to withdrawal symptoms, other addicts of various other drugs will use the same type of language.

Overwhelmingly with chocolate it will be milk chocolate that people crave and have a problem with, and it will be the sugar and high level fats that you will actually be craving.

Sugar Addiction

This can include all or of the following chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, fizzy drinks …

The reason is quite simple in many regards and it’s because it’s a drug! Ok people will say it’s a food however sugar added to other foods and substance to sweeten things up. It is an additive and a drug, and an addictive one at that.

It’s also a psychological habit. Like any habit, it’s often something the person does without thinking about too much until it’s too late and they are indulging.

Sugar and sugar addiction raises the bodies insulin levels which the triggers an adrenal response or the ‘sugar rush’, which in turn causes the release of serotonin, serotonin is one of the bodies ‘happy chemicals’. This reaction then provides the person with ‘high’, and this feeling is in reality very short lived; which is then followed by a dip in blood sugar levels and a ‘low’. And this is where the problem really kicks in as people will continue to eat more sweet things to stop feeling bad and to feel good again instead – and this cycle will continue until you reach a point of realisation but then it will be too late. But it’s not too late to stop your sugar addiction.

When we eat sweet and high-fat foods, including chocolate, serotonin is released, making us feel happier. This also partly explains the cravings common in seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and pre-menstrual syndrome. 

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The Real Problem and the real reason for sugar addiction

We are almost constantly showed by the media a mixture of adverts, stories and tales of what products will bring us and through extremely clever advertising are shown both fast food, fizzy drinks and endless adds for chocolate bars and sweets; whilst simultaneously are shown what the ‘perfect’ body is with the size zero model, chizzled hunks with 5% body fat and through TV and through glossy magazines what the ‘stars’ are wearing. Add into this the many diets, exercise fads and our current lifestyle options.

This will and does give us mixed messages, and the brain and mind will become overloaded with a complex and contradictory message. Many will then become anxious, feel low or depressed or stressed and turn to the easiest option – and often without much if at all conscious though or awareness, turn to chocolate or other sweet things.

The Solution
I can help with this using hypnotherapy and by addressing any root cause and helping with any emotional issues around the addiction or habit, helping with aversion if that’s what is required or by helping you to massively cut down any sugar intake – this can be done. Actually after any deeper lying issues are resolved if there were any, then often it’s just about moderation. Using hypnosis and NLP we can work on a unique tailored plan of action and therapeutic intervention to get you the results that you desire.

I can also help with motivation to exercise which is the other main way to address any weight loss.

Additional benefits from cutting out or reducing negative food intake as well as losing weight are that your confidence will improve which in turn can lead to feelings of calmness, feeling relaxed and comfortable in oneself and often more weight loss and increased energy and zest for life. 

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