Fear of the Dentist


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Fear of the Dentist


The fear some people have of going to the dentist can be so overwhelming it can be impossible for them to get through the dentist’s door. Overtime we can become very fearful of going to the dentist and the longer we leave it then the stronger the fear becomes. Then we can become so afraid of the fear it can lead to a belief that if we were to go to the dentist they it’s inevitable that we will suffer terrible pain. For some people problems with visiting the dentist can be overwhelming to the point where they won’t go and actually make the whole problem much worse. 

Hypnotherapy can help by alleviating fears, anxieties and getting to the root cause of any problem and then reversing or changing them. It also has no harmful drug-like side effects in fact the usual feelings afterwards are of calmness and restfulness. Hypnotherapy can be highly effective with the dentist and for dental treatments such as for fears and phobias, anxiety, pain management and control of pain.

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How Hypnotherapy can help
When in the more relaxed state of hypnosis we can be much more relaxed, calm, confident and comfortable, in control and maybe even blasé towards the whole experience. Through the hypnotherapy treatment we will find the reason(s) why you are having your problem and then seek the best way of finding your personal solution state, which will leave you being able to visit the dentist and have treatments.

Self-hypnosis can be taught and when we are able to learn to relax ourselves it then becomes very difficult to become frightened – basically the state of being relaxed removes the fear. Hypnosis is a very relaxed state which can be self induced and when this state is summoned and relaxed peaceful calmness is experienced then.

Specific things Hypnotherapy can help with

  • Stress management for the patient
  • Teaching relaxing techniques
  • Desensitizing phobias to help make treatment less frightening for the patient
  • Pain management
  • Phantom tooth pain
  • Help to tolerate of appliances e.g. dentures, dentists tools
  • Helping to promote healthy healing and reduction of any swelling or pain
  • Help with treatment of mouth and gum ulcers

It is possible to learn 
When in a relaxed state of hypnosis you can learn to relax yourself as when you’re relaxed you will feel less frightened. Being relaxed removes fear and that’s why (for example) people drink alcohol to stop fear, it relaxes them. So while relaxed people can visualize in great detail (if necessary) going to the dentist but now feeling very relaxed, confident and without fear – this could mean you!Therefore, when the time comes for you to see the dentist all you are likely to feel is a natural concern that we all feel.

Dental Phobia Reasons
Dental Phobia is extremely common and depending on whose statistics you read, the figures quoted are that between 35% and 50% of adults suffer from some level of fear at the thought of dental treatment. Dental fear and phobia may stem from a variety of sources – bad experiences in the past, embarrassment of having not looked after your teeth, stories told by others and fears of lack of control, or of choking or being unable to breathe. Whatever your reason(s) are hypnotherapy is an effective way of overcoming your problem.

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Medical Advice Notice:
If however you have ever fainted or lost consciousness after an injection or at the sight of a needle, then this may be a medical condition known as vasovagal reflex reaction and your phobia of needles is something which you should first discuss with a medically qualified doctor. 

If your fear of the dentist stems from a fear of needles then this needle phobia too can be treated by hypnotherapy as well

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