Dealing with Psychopaths


How to deal with psychopaths in your life currently, getting over the aftermath of pyscho path, adressing this at work, within your private life, with partners, business assocaiates, using some nlp re-progamming, hypnotherapy and life coaching I can help you and based in Reading, Berkshire, in Didcot, Oxfordshire and central London and within the reach of Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Newbury, Wokingham, Caversham, Tilehurst, Pangbourne, Henley, Wallingford, Abingdon, Wantage, Swindon and Oxford; as well as all over London 

Recognising and Dealing with Psychopaths

Some people will use the label of sociopath to describe what it’s basically the same thing in that when someone has fallen victim to this type of prey – it feels the same. There is some debate around the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath. However in brief what that comes down to is essentially – nature vs nurture; or born type, the psychopath – and created/self-created, the sociopath.

Between 1-4 % of people are psychopaths; or exhibit psychopathic traits and behaviours. Some reasons for the varying in the percentage is due to the description itself in what it means, the degree of the traits and how the studies were carried out.

There are born psychopaths, however there are also what could be described as secondary psychopaths (maybe sociapathic) which can be people of whom either/and grew up under social conditions where they would have been within an unusual/unloved environment; or they may be working or be under conditions where psychopathic type behaviours are the norm for succeeding in that environment. 

Anyone making that decision will need to use their discernment – is someone just exhibiting psychopathic traits and behaviours   –    or are they the born-type? The reason being is that it may be able help you to make your decision in how you react to the situation.

The common traits of Psychopaths are:

No Empathy – they are unable to show empathy, basically they can’t

No Remorse – they don’t care, they’re unable to care about what they have done

Manipulation and Control over Others – they will use anybody who falls for their charm and manipulate them, again it’s just what they do. You may have seen others (maybe you’ve done it yourself) fall all over them, lapping up everything they say and do. 

There will other ‘things’ which won’t seem or feel right which include:

Strange Pasts and Vague Personal Histories – things just won’t add up, they will give a vague history and often things will contradict other events and time-lines, there will often be missing periods of time. They will have told so many lies to so many people that they often won’t remember what they have told you. 

Jumping Characters and Personalities – because they will have in the past been many differing people to many different people they will at times jump into another character or another personality without initially realising. At times it can appear that they even look different. 

Invented Personas – It can come across that they have invented themselves and not seem at all genuine and real. Like a good actor they are extremely skilled at taking on characteristic, mannerisms and behaviours of different personas. 

Love Bombing – they will go way, way over the top with compliments of any kind and this will quickly get to the point of being not only over the top but also insincere and sycophantic

Gas-Lighting – this is the practice of stating something which is untrue, but telling you that they didn’t say it – although you know that they did. 

Secondary Psychopaths and Sociopaths

Work Environments

With the secondary psychopath type – this could be with working environments such as within banking, finance, law, politics and policy making. People who exhit psychopathic traits and behaviours at work – may not do so within the home environment. They will however when at work, not connect their personal actions and decisions to the feelings and consequences towards other people (or potentially victims). Basically they will show no empathy towards others believing that by making decisions via a company or corporation that there is a disconnect. 

Unusual and Unloved Environments

Unloved or unusual environments could be for example where a child could have been sent at a young age to a boarding school, thus removed from a nurturing home, parents and the family. This can lead the child/person to become emotionally detached having been left alone at an early age. The same could be said for many children who went through the care system especially if they went from placement to placement. This is particularly damaging for anyone under the age of 6, this is because the human brain and mind is extremely programmable before six years old. However the brain remains plastic and neuroplasicity is always there. 

Born Psychopaths – the Real Deal – as it were

From a very early age these individuals will know that they are different. They will understand and know that something is very different about them, they will start to notice that most other people have something very different about them. This comes down to empathy. 

People born as psychopaths do not have any empathy. They don’t understand it. And they will begin to realise quite early on that they don’t care, or care to understand it. However they will realise that it does work for other people, so they will notice certain things which people do, say, how they act and behave. They will then ‘learn’ to mimic this. By copying what others do, they learn how to pretend how to be ‘normal’ and empathic by mimicing what others do. 

However from this they also learn how to manipulate and control others. From this manipulation and control they will realise that this can get them things, and as they grow older they will get better and better at doing so. 

Some Rules and Ideas To Protect Yourself From Psychopaths 

Be responsible, if you decide that you feel someone is a psychopath you need to be thoughtful and mature about your decision. You may well be right – however you need to be aware that you can’t just jump to conclusions. 

Whenever possible – DO NOT have any contact with them ever again

If you’ve been affected by one in the past – DO NOT blame yourself – If you didn’t know then it’s not your fault 

If you do tell others, be careful with this – and don’t expect them to believe you. They may not understand or believe you

If you see someone who you believe is being affected and/or used/manipulated by a psychopath – try leaving some printouts, books or any information for them to see just laying around. DO NOT tell them directly

Educate yourself and become aware of their traits, tactics and behaviours 

Matthew Exell – Life Coach,

The Unfortunate and Tragic Current State of Affairs 

We are currently living in on a planet and in state of mind, (perhaps a better description would be mindlessness), of perpetual fear, worry and anxiety.

Have you ever wondered why? 

The powers that are – are constantly at war, fighting and killing for resources and profit, there are political shenanigans, massive financial corruption, banking and corporation take-overs, global and climate destruction, a pharmaceutical take over on health whilst food itself has and in being degraded

We are being bombarded with endless propaganda, near fact-less news, advertising, consumerism, gas-lighting, planned obsolescence    and all under the name of freedom!

The powers that are have always done this historically, they’ve always liked war, power, control and resources 

Note: Overwhemingly most people don’t gain, now or historically; the powers that are – always do (if they win); whilst the overwhelmin majority of us don’t ever 

The News! – Or what we get of it anyway

We get sound bites, at best. 

Watch Charlie Brooker’s – How to Report the News

Planned Obsolescence

Although not completely psychopathic as such, consumerism and advertising are not such good things in that – if used to manipulate people – then people may buy and consume a whole of stuff they don’t need, spending money they don’t have on things they don’t really need; and things which are built to not last on purpose