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Public speaking can be daunting whether its giving a talk, delivering a presentation, making a best mans speech, addressing new people or giving the ‘elevator’ pitch at courses. Hypnotherapy can help with all of these and for most people they only really want to be a stage where they can do it without the old fear, almost being indifferent to speaking in public with it being just something you can do.

Not being able to speak in public can hold people back from careers moves and promotion and dealing with can help you to achieve your potential. There are many reasons why people feel that the fear manifests however there is very likely to be an underlying reason and hypnotherapy is excellent for finding this.

Some of the more common reason of why public speaking affects people are:

  • A lack of confidence in that they see or feel that other people are much better at public speaking than them and/or other people know more about a topic than them
  • A sense of isolation, that you are alone and vulnerable
  • Feelings of self consciousness regarding voice, accent, grammar, forgetting words and self image
  • Fear of looking foolish such as saying the wrong things, becoming lost, stumbling, running off stage and more
  • Also trying to get this under control using your conscious mind just makes it feel worse and can intensify the negatively of the feelings. As hypnotherapy works on the unconscious mind we will together bypass the logical, conscious mind and get you to the point where you don’t even think about the old fear.

Public speaking is a very common form of social phobia and is very high up on the fears of the vast majority of people. There are many ways of helping with this and finding the root cause often has massive affect in and of itself, others include visualisation, disassociation, working with the bodies urges and senses (submodalities in NLP), relaxation and simple breathing techniques. Everyone is different so there will be a unique and differing solution for you.

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NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams

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Speech Anxiety and SAD

Public speaking anxiety may also be called speech anxiety or performance anxiety and is a type of social anxiety disorder (SAD). Social anxiety disorder, also sometimes referred to as social phobia, is one of the most common types of mental health conditions.


Symptoms of public speaking anxiety are the same as those that occur for social anxiety disorder, but they only happen in the context of speaking in public.

If you live with public speaking anxiety, you may worry weeks or months in advance of a speech or presentation, and you probably have severe physical symptoms of anxiety during a speech, such as:2



Pounding heart

Quivering voice

Shortness of breath


Upset stomach


These symptoms are a result of the fight or flight response—a rush of adrenaline that prepares you for danger. When there is no real physical threat, it can feel as though you have lost control of your body. This makes it very hard to do well during public speaking and may cause you to avoid situations in which you may have to speak in public.