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Helping with Exam Stress

Helping Your Child with Their Exams – With GCSE, A-levels and Any Exams

If you’re a parent and your son or daughter is about to take their exams you may want to read though some of the ideas below. Any exam, test or anything with an expected and desired outcome will already be pressure for the person taking the exam. However if you end up putting extra stress and pressure on them, then – it’s obvious that that’s not going to help.

Taking GCSE’s or A-Levels will be stressful enough, so why not make it easier?

Some people will worry about their memory failing them, others that they aren’t clever enough, others won’t feel confident in their own abilities; anxiety or stress will seem to overcome others.

However all the above (and more besides) can be helped. And with anyone I help, I will listen to and treat the individual as an individual – we all need our own tailored approach to therapy, help and coaching.

I also appreciate that it would be your son or daughter coming along, so they would need to want to be coming along. So, if they are happy to come along then, I’m confident that I can help. You and they may have many questions so, why not ask them?

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Also, please consider the following – for parents relating to their children; and everyone for that matter.

Talk to Them – It may sound too simple, but talking to them in a calm and reassuring way will help. See what you could do to help them through this difficult time, see whether you could help them with their studying area, making that more comfortable, allowing them quite time, reducing chores or other expectations.

Letting them know that you love no matter what results they get.

Back Off a Little – Again this is going to be a stressful time for your son or daughter, so back off a little, be the adult and take control of your own emotions. Encourage other family members to do the same.

Feed the Brain and Sleep – The brain consumes about 25% of our calories when at rest, so it’s important to keep it fed with healthy, nutritious food. If stress is putting your child off their meals, offer them healthy snacks and water to keep them hydrated and nourished. Even mild dehydration can impair cognitive functioning. Sleeping the right and same ammount as normal is also essential, so encourage this.

Encourage a Calm Mind – Try to encourage your child to take some time to calm the mind and the thoughts, some deep breathing can help with this. The brain and mind work so much better when they are calmer and more at ease, when calmer you will be able to remember facts and information much quicker and easier. And also with revising the calmer some is, the more they will absorb and remember.

Get Some Perspective – When they’re caught up in the pressure of getting good results, it’s hard for children to see the bigger picture. Failing their exams does not mean they will fail at life. No matter what the results, life will provide them with opportunities to succeed. Don’t forget, Richard Branson dropped out of school at 16! And there a numerous examples of very successful people not doing too well at school.

Look for Underlying Causes – Many children who experience high exam anxiety have had a bad experience which they are re-playing in their mind. Others may have a low self-esteem, and experience negative self-talk that distracts their attention from revising. Encourage them daily, let them know that they are OK and that they are and always will be loved.

NLP and hypnotherapy could help you to get to the root cause of a child’s first negative expereince or their self-esteem issues and help them to see their worth and potential.

This is where I can help more – looking for and at the Underlying cause, then this is found and known big changes can happen. Past issues can be resolved and massive differences can occur and often in a short amount of time. NLP is excellent at helping people overcome exam stress as you will soon find out.

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Understanding Your Learning Type

Whether you need help with exams, for a driving test, with spelling or reading. Hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology can help. It can help you find and develop better learning techniques, become more motivated, develop a better memory strategy and dispel any limiting beliefs that you may have about yourself. Typically it will take 2-3 sessions but often improvement will be noticed straight away by you and others.

Up to the age of around 11 we are taught in a variety of ways. We are taught visually, through auditory means, through building & touching (kinaesthetically) and through logic. After we are 11 we are taught predominantly by quick fire teaching methods in classes which are often too big with not enough personal attention paid to us. This is often when people suffer and lose interest in “learning” and some of us are left behind and this can unfortunately continue throughout our lives.

Learning coaching will help you discover new learning techniques or re-discover your preferred learning type. There are 4 learning types, although we all use them all, we usually have a preference towards one of the following –

Visual – need to see something, watch it done/made

Kinaesthetic – need to feel something, to “do” it, make or build it

Audio external – need to hear it said aloud, told about it

Audio internal – need to think about it, analyze it

Using hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology we can together work on you learning to learn more effectively, overcome your exam stress and to really move on with your life

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NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams helping with exam stress

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Helping You With Your Memory – which can affect your exam stress

If you’re worried about your memory and not being able to remember what you need to know for an exam – then I can also help with this.

I can help you to be able to remember the facts and information that you need to know by:

  • Installing a positive Mind-frame
  • Relaxing your Mind
  • Helping you to use your Learning Type
  • Teaching Memory Techniques

Please do ask me around how I can help you with this

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NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams and helping you overcome your exam stress