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Hypnotherapy and NLP – a powerful combination to help you stop taking cocaine

Stop Cocaine

When someone firsts takes cocaine it can seem like fun and seem harmless, however typically after a short period of time it becomes consuming and destructive. Whether it’s occasional use, situational, weekly or more frequently it does cost a lot of money, is harmful to both mental and physical health and does become a nuisance to the individual for many other reasons.

Here is what you can achieve through the cocaine hypnotherapy programme:

  • To resolve any underlying reasons connected to cocaine addiction (if appropriate)
  • To learn how to manage and control addiction triggers
  • To transform the way you think, feel and experience your life
  • Making  life-style choices which support you
  • You will build your inner resources so you are more confident and emotionally stronger within yourself.
  • You will create long-lasting changes in your life, relationships and professional life
  • You will feel more confident, emotionally stronger and balanced
  • To break free from cocaine addiction and learn how to maintain this
  • You will get your life back on track

As with all addictions there will be a root cause for the addiction starting, with cocaine there is often a fondly remembered time being around friends and peers – a part of the subconscious mind remembers this as being fun – and although you will consciously want to stop, a part of your subconscious mind has both a connection to the memory and you would have also built up other triggers, reasons and connections.

With using hypnotherapy will address the root reason as well as many as necessary other triggers. This is to allow you to be able to think, reflect and look at past reasons; and reprogram your mind around the habit. And also to be able to look at the current triggers differently and that helps you stop cocaine.

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Some Facts about Cocaine Addiction:

  • It’s a powerful stimulant with short term effects – you get a powerful high for a short amount of time
  • Brings you down quickly – You feel low and that encourages you to use take more cocaine, quickly becoming habit forming and very costly
  • Artificially stimulates your brain – You rely on cocaine to feel confidence, good about yourself and to gain more focus, and therefore has a negative effect on your self-esteem and can cause social anxiety
  • Addiction – The more you use the more you need. You rely on it to make you feel good or forget about life
  • Why – You use cocaine perhaps to block out how you feel. You want to feel more focused. Or perhaps you want a quick fix to feel high and happy and avoid life issues – you can stop cocaine

How will you get me to stop taking cocaine?

Firstly you will need to be a place where you want to stop and also that you are doing it for yourself (primarily anyway). When these points are in place then there is a high chance that you will be able, with some assistance stop for once and for good.

How long will it take to stop taking cocaine?

There are many variables – however typically it will take between 3-6 sessions which will be spread out of a number of weeks initially and then further apart.

Is there any guarantee that I will stop?

The short answer is no, however it you are in the right place and have the right motivation and reasons then you have a high chance of success, and you will get my 100% effort with assistance to help you to stop cocaine.

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Call 07807 540142 or  Email today to stop cocaine use