Self Esteem


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Self Esteem


Having a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence is one of the most important and most beneficial things you can develop towards having a positive, rewarding and happier life. 

Your confidence and self-esteem shows in so many different ways; it can come across in your body language, the way you conduct yourself, your behaviours, eye contact, how you speak and what you say, showing control over, being calm and assertiveness in situations – and in many other ways.

People suffering from a low sense of self-esteem will feel like they don’t really count, that what they say doesn’t carry much weight, will fall into the background and feel that they are almost invisible in many situations. The word ‘esteem’ itself comes from a Latin word which translates as ‘to estimate’ – so from that direction self esteem is based on how much you ‘estimate’ yourself in being worthy. Your self-esteem is an ever flowing reflection of what you think about yourself on the inside and what you do on the outside.

However rest-assure that your self esteem can be developed, nurtured and grown. Hypnotherapy is excellent at helping with this and I can help you to build self-belief, confidence, the ability to feel less conscious of the self and certain situations, to be able to speak clearly, strongly and confidentially and become the person you would like to be and doing more of the things you would like to do. I would always suggest that we begin by finding any root causes and addressing them first, but from then onwards building a new way for you to be thinking, acting, feeling and behaving differently and positively.

Many people will start to feel better the moment they decide to make changes in their lives – and this can be just a phone call or email away.

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Signs of Low Self-Esteem:

  • Feeling hopeless or depressed
  • Feeling bored with life
  • Having no motivation
  • Thinking or feeling there’s nothing to look forward to
  • Thinking and feeling negatively about yourself
  • Feeling tired a lot of the time
  • Feeling like a failure
  • Wishing or hoping your life was better

It is often thought that self esteem and self-confidence are the same thing, and although they are related they do have differences. I’m sure you’re aware of people that you assume are confident, that state publically that they are confident or just seem to have everything together – many of these people actually suffer from having a low sense of self-esteem. Indeed may actors, celebrities and public figures appear to be overflowing with confidence, to be socially dynamic and can seem full-of-themselves, however behind the scenes and privately they are somewhat different.

There are many potential reasons which can cause a low sense of self-esteem, for some it always seems to have been this way and for others it can be an up-and-down thing which has again always been there; and for others still there can be an event, a time of life or a major stress/ anxiety/ loss which can cause the period of low self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy and Self-Esteem

I would always suggest that if there’s a root cause for this then that is where to start because when addressed this will change the way you think about yourself. From then onwards we will deal with the present and the here-and-now real life and the future situations you will and wish to encounter. There are many techniques within hypnosis, NLP and through areas of positive psychology which can help

And when you become self-confident you will develop the abilities to trust your own abilities, what you are saying and thinking, your behaviours, energy levels, gain control over life and over various situations and circumstances and have new formed beliefs in yourself. Others will notice this as well and you will hear compliment.

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Some reasons for low self-esteem can be:

  • Poor parenting resulting in neglect or abuses
  • Unable to keep up with high parental standards, constantly being told that you’re not good enough

So in these cases as with the examples below can be opposite – but both can and are able to damage self-esteem.

  • Being bullied and especially when the parents (and/or schooling/community) were not interested or able to try to help or fix it
  • Receiving direct or indirect stress or distress from others (this can be from parents or adult figures who were going through stress at a time)
  • Being compared to supposedly better or smarter children by parents, relatives, elders or teachers
  • Being bullied by teachers, adults or elders into them expecting you to know information or facts that they expect you to know
  • An absence of praise, love, affection, warmth or interest
  • To belong, or rather feeling that you belong to a class, social group, a social minority, a group or sub-class of people or a family or certain type of family line that certain people have a prejudice or hatred for
  • Being unable to keep up with ‘set standards’ set by others, for others 

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A persons self-esteem can be damaged in to many ways and for 2 different people the same combination of ‘damage’ can effect them both so, so differently. However we are all unique and individual so messages can be and will be taken in ways unique to ourselves; and thus will effect us all completly differently.