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For over the 13 years now I’ve been working in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and London and in that time I’ve worked people of all ages and backgrounds and with combinations of issues and problems.

I can help you overcome many issues, problems and conditions such as:

Stopping Smoking and including patches, gum and other alternatives

Addictions to alcohol, drugs and substances, gambling, internet and porn

Weight Loss, weight control, increasing motivation and finding reasons to exercise 
with stopping eating certain foods such as sugar, chocolate and carbs

Anxiety, problems with anxious situations, GAD, free floating anxiety and more

Panic attacks, panic disorders and feeling of being out of control

Depression, low moods and mood swings and disorders

Stress and stressful situations around work, personal and life in general

Insomnia, bad and negative sleeping patterns

Motivation, dealing with procrastination and being stuck

Confidence, whether with certain situations or for general feelings of confidence

Self-esteem and feelings of lacking worthiness

Phobias such as with creatures and animals – spiders, wasps, bees, birds, dogs and more

Phobic reactions and fears of heights, driving, flying, open spaces, crowds or agoraphobia, claustrophobia, 

Public speaking, making presentations, with best mans speeches, job interviews

Blushing, going red, feeling embarrassed within situations whether at work, social or otherwise

Jealousy, coping with and being free of jealous feelings

Guilt and Regret, guit from the past and regret and regretting things from the past

Anger and anger management 

OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder in its varying degrees

Nail biting, finger clicking and other habits

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder from negative experiences 

Pain management and control through learning techniques which will help such as EFT, heart breathing, NLP and visualization

Stress and dealing with stressful situations 

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome and all it varying degrees

Dental phobia, needle phobia and fear of injections  

Male issues such as stress, confidence and porn addiction

Male sexual issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction 

Relationship difficulties and personal disagreements

Learning Coaching, helping with memory and for passing exams

Life Coaching for work and furthering your career, personal issues and forhelping with making difficult and challenging decisions 

As you’ve come and read this far then there’s every chance that I can help so If there’s something you’re having a problem with that I haven’t mentioned then please do ask.

With over 13 years experience as a full time hypnotherapist and life coach; and with over 20 years within the caring and therapeutic field I’m confident that I’ve heard and helped people with most things. Maybe you could be next. 

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