Weight Loss


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Some Quick Answers:

How many sessions: I can’t know the answer until we speak/meet. However it can differ between 2 – 6 sessions and even then top-up sessions can be needed for some people. Certain people only need 2 sessions but they tend to be already healthy, mostly eat well and do frequent exercise (I often see personal trainers) – they tend overdo the refeed day and binge eat – or just need a reboot.

As a student of the Steve Miller’s Authoritarian and Motivational weight loss programme and as a level 3 personal trainer and fitness coach I’m confident that I can help you.

NLP, Time-Line Therapy and Weight Loss Coaching is about getting your Mind-Set into the right place   and not a magic wand


NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams

Weight Loss

Time-line, NLP, coaching and some hypnosis work by helping you to have a whole new outlook on healthy eating and weight control. Hypnosis helps you to strengthen your will power and give you much greater control over your eating habits. It helps by empowering to be able to say “no” to certain foods and to only eat when you’re hungry and to stop when you’re full.

With using hypnotherapy and NLP we can work together on your confidence levels and self esteem, developing a positive attitude and overall health improvements.

Whether you want improved health, more energy or a slimmer figure then this could well be the life changing choice that will make the difference for you. 

Whilst people who want to lose more weight will almost certainly need more sessions, results can be quick and they can be varied (weight loss is) but if you really want this then you need to be patient and persist. Consider if you want to lose 42ibs/19kg (or more) that will take time and it will take some effort as well on your part as well.

​As a student of the Steve Miller’s Authoritarian and Motivational weight loss programme I have a arsenal of techniques which will help you.

I am also a level 3 personal trainer and fitness coach – so I am legally allowed to and qualified to offer nutrition, exercise ideas and programs and diet advice (diet in its proper meaning the food we eat) â€“ so basically the food stuff, the training stuff and also the therapy – the complete combination approach.

Everyone is different and need a unique and tailored approach to weight loss, so with that in mind, below are some of the ways, ideas and techniques which can be used in various combination: 

  • The 7 Basic Principles – many people know these, but does your subconscious mind?
  • Mind-Set Change – hypnotherapy works unconsciously, without conscious thoughts – so by changing your mind-set – then weight loss will be easier 
  • Aversion Therapy – to stop eating certain foods
  • Gastric Band Hypnosis – this is to get you to feel fuller quicker and not be able to eat any extra than you actually need to
  • Motivation to Exercise – the other side to weight loss is physically doing more
  • Motivation – and understanding how motivation really works 
  • Understanding and Resisting Cravings – to any problem foods
  • Improving Your Self-esteem and Confidence Levels 
  • Banishing the “D” Word – for once and for good

All therapy work will be with you in mind, so that you get the tailored approach that you deserve. So start to imagine how good that it will be to become the new you that you desire being. 

Many people will start to feel better the moment they decide to make changes in their lives – and this can be just a phone call or email away.

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It’s been 14 weeks now during which time I’ve had no chocolate at all and lost a stone in weight. I walk through supermarkets now and see chocolate and sweets and it could be any other product. I don’t feel the emotional attachment to sweets or chocolate that I once felt. My energy levels are better, my sleep is better. I have no idea how it works – but it does. Whatever it is you’re looking for help with – food issues, weight loss, anxiety or sleep problems – it’s definitely worth giving it a try.  –  Sarah, January 2011 (and more recently when seen in Waitrose in Wallingford in late 2013)

Call 07807 540142 or  Email today

NLP and Life coaching in person, face to face and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams

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